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Ambedkar was best fighter for the indian public. More movement them fight for Depressed people like, Chavdar lake movement.  The legend B.R. Ambedkar was one of the person who maker of Indian Constitution. The full named of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. Born on 14 April, 1893 in Mhow, MadhyaPredesh in A depressed family of Harijan. His father of Ramji and mother was Bhimabai, Dr. Ambedkar early education studied in government school, there studying to Ambedkar was very problems faced attribute their caste; they teacher were not permission sit in a class. His father moved in Maharashtra and his enrolled to Elphinstone high School, in Bombay. He was well in his academic performance and he passed every examination with good percentage. He had awarded scholarship by King Sayajirao Gaikwad and went to his post gradate in Columbia University, USA. (1913 to 1916) He obtained Economics Degree from Columbia University.

Then he went to England in 1923 and complete his degrees of Law, D.M.S., M.Sc. and Ph. D. he was reformer of untochables. Dr. Ambedkar was oppointed the Drafting Committee and Chairman of the Constitution. India’s first Law Minister Ambedkar was social reforms of Indian untouchable people, He studied Buddhism many years and accepted the Buddhism on 14 October 1956. Preached the Dhamma with his follower in 1956 at Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Famous books of Dr. Ambedkar:

  • The Buddha and his Dhamma
  • Who were Shudras?
  • Thoughts on Pakistan
  • Castes in India

The Problem of Rupee: Its Origin and Its Solution.

Ambedkar was died (Nirwana) in sleep on 6 December, 1956

B.R. Ambedkar will be remember always in History.

babasaheb hd wallpaper

wallpaper of baba saheb

Dr br ambedkar wallpaper for 2013

ambedkar facebook header cover

ambedkar fb hd cover

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