Lord Gautam Buddha Wallpapers

Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha is his original name,He was a faith based teacher from the Indian subcontinent, whose theories Buddhism was set up.Gautama’s birth is uncertain, Gautama’s burn in India at regard Kapilavastu, current-day Nepal,”Lumbini” this is the birthplace of the Buddha.Gautama’s family is hindu his birth in hindu family,his father’s Name Śuddhodana king of   Shakya clan whose capital was  Kapilavastu.His mother name Queen Maha Maya, Śuddhodana’s wife.Her mother was also  a Koliyan princess.When his mother Queen Maya grew to be pregnanat,She left Kapilvastu for her Father’s land to give birth.Gautama born on the way at lumbini in a garden beneath a sal tree. This day of gautama’s birth anniversary is widely celebrated and is known as “Buddha Poornima” in India because of on that day was full moon day so that’s why this day called Buddha poornima after his birth his mother’s death in seven day.for his  solicitude his father got marriage with his mother’s younger sister.Siddhartha birth in royal Hindu family, his father thought his son  became a great and best King.But it’s against  Siddharth Became a great and very inspired religious teachings.

Lord Gautam Buddha Wallpapers

When he achieved the age of 16, his father fixed his marriage ceremony to a relative of the same age named Yashodhara. Relating to the standard consideration, She give the birth cute son his name is Rahul. Siddharth have spent his 29 year in Kapilavastu as a princes.

Lord Gautam Buddha

Ar the age 29 Siddhartaha left his palace to meet his subjects.in spite of father’s attemptsto hide cover from him the sick,aged and suffering,Siddharth told to his Charioteer when he was seen an old man,The charioteer Channa explained to him that all people became old,when he went towards he seen a infected man,a A rotting corpse, and Spartan .He was depressed He searchin overcome on that think sickness and death. Attended by Channa and his horse Kanthaka, Gautama leave his palace for the life of a mendicant.

After that he rise enlightenment for this Meditation and found the meaning of birth and End and what mean by “LIFE”.Siddharth met to two suppliers. called Tapussa and Bhallika .Siddharth teach the How to keep the mind in your control and How Make the progress through this way.

Gautama Buddha Enlightenment this theory among this whole world This  theory is depend on your own body and feel the body sensation According this theory the human being control has Angry, Depression, Insecurity fear of old Age Death, aversion well go away through this meditation theory. Gutama give very best massage to us he say live life With peace, clam and keep the patience in your suffering day’s or Happy Day’s it’ll change According to Nature of Law.

This is the part of  Nature and we also That part so Do any thing with god mind and best Thinking you’ll surely Archive your Goal. Meditation is best way for you, It’ll make you perfect human being.Gutama give five rules is called in “Pali” languages “Panchashil”. This is perfect and beneficial think for us He is Best Teacher and Enlightenment of this theory is known as “vipashana”. He say “See the nature inside of you and find the main reason of your problem ,anger, Depression, and feel with your sensation.He say Don’t aversion with that think those will finish.

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