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Swarraj Shrikant thakare born 14th june 1968. (age 44), Mumbai. Popularly known as Raj Thakare is the founder and president of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (Maharashtra Reformation Army) Raj Thakare is youth icon of maharashtra. Media thinks he is TRP for them. Bal thakare has been a huge influence on his life. it is said that Raj is next Bal Thakre. as a child he learnt tabla, the Guitar and the Violin he interested in caricatching, he neglected both music and drawing he choosen career in politics he says ‘the only raag that he
understand is RAAG (anger). He started his political activity in shiv udyog sena which is included in shiv sena. Raj lived shiv sens in 2005 and founded his new party MNS in 2006. while opening the new party he attacked on immigrants who had come from UP and bihar. According to him he is against immigrants not the state UP and bihar who tried to gain power in maharashtra. His party rulling now in nashik municipal corporation. Having 12 MLA.He commented about shiv sena that he had said many times that there is no way that he can return to where he had come from. some vested interest groups had been floating this idea of a vague alliance between the shiv sena and MNS he declared his agenda that he will not join hands with anyone. He stand by his earlier statement that he will bring the MNS party power in the state, and that too, on his own. He will not form an alliance with anyone.

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Raj thakre pic

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